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Re: dual displays

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 04:58:34PM -0600, Gary Hennigan wrote:
> "Jeremiah Mahler" <jmahler@pacbell.net> writes:
> > On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 06:55:12AM -1000, Andrew Austin wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > I'm thinking about getting the ATI RADEON VE Dual Display video
> > > card but haven't been able to find much info on running it in
> > > linux.  I have heard that the RADEON series needs xserver 4.1.0
> > > but this dual display card is a little different.  Has anyone got
> > > dual displays running in debian using a single dual display card?
> > > If so, how is it? Are there any other dual display cards that you
> > > know of that do work in debian?  Any info would be a great help.
> > > I'm currently running woody.
> >
> > I have a Radeon VE card and have been dissapointed by the support for it
> > under Linux.  The dual display feature does not work (you can only use one
> > output).  The driver does not work unless you use a frame buffer by
> > enabling that in the kernel.  If you dont enable that, it will lock up
> > your computer upon starting of X.  When a card is described as
> > "supported", take that to mean the bare minimum of features are
> > supported.  The card is awesome under windows and I wish I could say the
> > same about Linux but that is just not the case.
> Sorry to hear about the Radeon. I can say good things about the Matrox
> G450 and dual displays. I'm using it with Xinerama extension and it's
> great. Xinerama makes X think your two monitors are one big
> one. Unlike straight dual-head, with Xinerama you can easily move
> things from one monitor to another.
> Anyway, I've been using the latest beta Matrox drivers and XFree86
> 4.0.3 for about two months now and I've had 2 X crashes in that
> time. Not bad considering my machine is up 24/7 and it boots straight
> into X.
> Of course I doubt the G450 has the 3D umph of the Radeon.
> Good Luck,
> Gary
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Well, inspired by your success with the G450 I decided to go through my 
Radeon setup again and see exatcly what is going on.  I am getting dual
head output from the card which did not work in the past but I cannot
get Xinerama to work.  I have had Xinerama working with two seperate
cards (Radeon and another card) but it does not work with just the 
Radeon by itself. I do not understand how to configure a dual
headed card.  Is it two seperate devices or just two screens with the
same card.  How did you configure your G450 and what are the important
parts of the XF86Config to set up with dual-head cards.


Jeremiah Mahler

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