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Re: loading Galeon seems to have killed X

on Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 06:54:39PM -0700, James A. Hilsenteger (hilsy@dsl-only.net) wrote:
> I received some help earlier but still struggling.  I downloaded and installed
> Galeon and even got Galeon running except fo the fact that my fonts within X
> were all screwed up.  I decided to reboot to see if that might clear up the
> issue.
> I rebooted, and on some advice, I ran
> /usr/sbin/locale-gen
> That did something..  but now I can't run X.I type 'startx' and get the reply
> 'command unknown'.
> I looked in usr/X11R6/bin and usr/bin/X11 and startx is not even shown.

Please stop posting HTML to this list.

Is the package xbase-clients installed?  startx is part of this package.

Check with:

    dpkg -s xbase-clients

...if it *is* installed, you've managed to lose files, which is not a
good thing.

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