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forgot root password on head- and keyboardless machine *blush*

I have a head- and keyboardless machine running debian potato that I
used to log into with ssh. Now I have forgotten the password. *blush*

What I want to do, is either;

a)  make a bootdisk with a script that automaticly starts running that
    disables the root password, then halts the machine. I can then log
    in via ssh and change/enable the password again.

b)  make a bootdisk that boot the machine and starts a telnet or ssh
    server so I can log in and mount the disk and disable the password.

I think a) is preferrable to b). I can probably write the script myselfi
(pointers appreciated though), but I need some info on how to assemble
a bootdisk that will run this script automatically. Any input is
appreciated. The machine holds no important data, so if it were not for
the problem of the missing keyboard (and cdrom) I would not hesitate to
reinstall it.

PS: the nic in the machine requires a custum kernel, but if it is
possible to boot from floppy, log in via the net via telnet or
something, and do a fresh install over the network, controlled from my
regular machine, then I only need to be able to make such a bootdisk.
That might be simpler, as I have seen howto's on customising the kernel
for the rescue disk.


Stig (who is very ashamed)


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