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Re: PLIP and Windows

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Is PLIP compatible with parallel port Direct Cable Connection in
> Windows (i.e., can it be used to network a computer running Linux to
> one running Windows?)

Unfortunately not.  I know of no PLIP implementation that works with
32-bit Windows, and I've looked long and hard.

And I assure you, you aren't the first person to ask this question :)

Unfortunately the only way to network a Windows machine & a Linux machine,
without "falling back" to ethernet, token ring, or similar technologies,
is to use the serial port :(

> Any caveats?

You mean PLIP caveats?  It's heavily dependent on CPU speeds; I've gotten
an upwards of 30kb/sec between a 450MHz PII & a 120MHz Pentium.

> I have several computers networked via 10base2 and would like to add a
> notebook to these, but I have only seen pcmcia cards for
> 10baseT/100baseT.

You can get hubs of eBay that have RJ-45 & BNC connectors.

You can also get on eBay you'll likely find a PCMCIA ethernet card that
has both RJ-45 & BNC connectors.


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