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Re: Sound problems

> Here we go again ;>.  Firstly, have you tried things we've already
> covered in the debian-user archives.  If those don't work we'll need to
> know what your /etc/modules.conf looks like in addition to your /dev/dsp
> and /dev/mixer ls -al output.  Then /proc/interrupts /proc/ioports and
> /proc/sound or /dev/sndstat if possible.  Is esd running?  Are you in
> the audio group?  That should catch most common errors.  Hopefully yours
> is one of those.
> --mike

I am also having trouble with sound ... besides being disappointed that 
the older Stormix automatically detected and installed drivers for my 
HP OmniBook 4100 sound chip and the newer Progeny ... even after
a huge upgrade ... fails to do so ... I am also disappointed that it 
fails to automatically install a generic mixer ... obviously I am not
understand something.

Anyhow, a new and different challenge this afternoon along the way 
to fixing the sound problem.

Tried to run:
/dev/mixer ls -al

In every case I got "permission denied" ... and I am running as ROOT!

What's broken now, please?

Thanks!  Doc

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