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Sound problems

I am running Potato that was moved from Progeny.  I am haveing a very
bad sound problem.  At this time sound does not work at all.  Here is
the details:

Dell Opliplex gx 110 computer stock.
Intel 810 sound card in it
KDE desktop

Here is a search for alsa in the apt-cache:

root@beammeup:~# apt-cache search alsa
alsaconf - ALSA configurator
alsalib0.3.0 - dummy package to fix previous broken versions
alsaplayer - PCM player designed for ALSA
alsaplayer-alsa - PCM player designed for ALSA
alsaplayer-esd - PCM player designed for ALSA
alsaplayer-oss - PCM player designed for ALSA
alsautils - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (utils)
aumix - Simple text-based mixer control program
esound-alsa - Enlightened Sound Daemon (ALSA) - Support binaries
gamix - Graphical mixer for ALSA using gtk+.
libasound0.4 - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (libraries)
libasound0.4-dev - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (development)
libesd-alsa0 - Enlightened Sound Daemon (ALSA) - Shared libraries
libesd-alsa0-dev - Enlightened Sound Daemon (ALSA) - Development files
libfreeamp-alsa - ALSA plugins for FreeAmp
libmikmod1 - A portable sound library
libmikmod1-dev - A portable sound library - development files
libmikmod2 - A portable sound library
libmikmod2-dev - A portable sound library - development files
liby-dev - Y Sound Server Library Header Files
liby2 - Y Sound Server Library
vkeybd - Virtual Keyboard program
xamixer - Graphical mixer for ALSA
yiff-config - Y Sound Server X11 Configuration
yiff-server - Y Sound Server
alsa-base - ALSA driver common files
alsa-headers - ALSA driver header files
alsa-source - ALSA driver source
libarts-alsa - aRts Sound system
libasound1 - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (libraries)
libasound1-dev - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (development)
libkmid-alsa - aRts Sound system (midi support libraries with alsa)
alsa-utils - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (utils)
balsa - GNOME email client

I have tryed sndconfig, alsa and manually working with sound moduals.
No luck yet

I am at a loss at this point.  Can anyone tell me what is wrong?


Brian Schramm

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