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Re: How can I make a bootable, Woody, base-only cd?

on Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 09:22:20PM -0700, George Jetson (confuciun@hotmail.com) wrote:
> How can I make a bootable, Woody, base-only cd? I'm a MS Windows guy trying 
> to break into linux as a newbie. Please don't tell me to go to 
> cdimage.debian.org.  Thanks.

There are a number of other options.  I'd suggest that a Debian live-CD
would be hefty project for a newbie.

One way-cool tool that's out there is the LNX-BBC project -- this is
lead by the same people who brought you the LinuxCare BBC.  I saw a
presentation of the LNX-BBC last night, it's an impressive little
system.  Aimed primarily at the rescue/diagnostics niche, it's got
broader use.  The configuration itself is extensible, there's about
110MB of storage space available.


For a list of other BBC systems, including both resue and full live
systems, look at:



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