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Permissions on /floppy


After I upgraded to unstable, I've been getting strange default settings on my /dev/floppy. No matter what I enter, a.e -o rw,user etc., the mount options on the device are always the same: /dev/fd0 on /floppy type vfat (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)
These permissions don't match my /etc/fstab or the /etc/devfs/perms.
I changes the perms file from 0660 to 0046 on the fd* Register in the hope that this would changes things a bit. no luck. 
I don't mount devfs on boot, I have the devfs.conf set to maintain permissions. Before the upgrade, this wasn't a problem.

kernel is 2.4.7-ac4


Eamon Roque.

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