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Re: galeon on woody?

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 09:51:26AM +1000, Alan E Davis wrote:
| Thank you for your reply!
| Will this break woody with up to date versions of woody packages
| such as xlibs?   If not, then why not try changing sources.list to
| unstable long enough to install galeon? 

It is basically a matter of preference and where you want the
complexity to lie.  If you change your sources.list you need to to 2
updates (1 to get to sid, the other to get back to woody afterwards)
and you need to watch apt to make sure it is going to do what you
want.  If you download each package manually then you know exactly
which packages were changed because you changed it by hand.  OTOH you
have to track all the dependencies by hand.  I did that just now with
gnucash because it broke after a recent upgrade (no idea why).  It has
a massive tangle of dependencies.  The new version is really cool


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