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Re: Playing Quicktime movies on woody

> I'd like to play QuickTime movies on my woody
> box, so I've installed the following packages:
> gxanim         0.50-6
> xanim          2.80.1-13
> xanim-modules
> However, when I try to play a movie ("Planet of
> The Apes" trailer for instance, I receive the
> following kind of messages:
> XAnim Rev 2.80.0 by Mark Podlipec Copyright
> (C) 1991-1999. All Rights Reserved
> Video Codec: Sorenson Video not yet supported.(E18)
> Unknown(and unsupported) Audio Codec:
> QDM2(0x51444d32).
> Notice: Video and Audio are present, but not yet
> supported.
> Any idea or suggestion ? What am I missing ?

It's telling you in the error message: "Notice: Video and
Audio are present, but not yet supported."

The video clip is 'encoded' with the Sorenson codec. They own
it and aren't willing to let others support it, at least
without getting a license fee. There's more information at the
xanim website.


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