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Re: xmms-avi

#include <hallo.h>
Cyan Ogilvie wrote on Thu Aug 16, 2001 um 11:41:55AM:
> I can highly recommend mplayer.  AV sync is much better than the other
> linux players I've tried (aviplayer).  Afaik their isn't a debian

The package has debian packaging files, so you could build a Debian
package using the usual Debian tools. Some breakage prevents it from
beeing compiled on my system. gcc-2.95 gets Sig11 on linking (not a
hardware problem) and gcc-3.0 produces every kind of error message but
does not compile.

> > Does anyone know of a debian package for avi-xmms ?
> > (see http://www.xmms.org/plugins_input.html#122).

Unfortunately, I didn't work for me (Unstable), because of API
incompatibilities apparatenly in SDL.  People reported it working for

Who is General Failure and why is he reading my harddisk?

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