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Re: Wanda the fish

* Kalle Hasselstr?m (kalle@treskal.com) wrote:
> > You'll find the graphics for it in /usr/share/pixmaps/fish/fishanim.png.
> > 
> Hmmmm. Having open source kind of takes the mystery out of this sort
> of thing ... :-(

Hrmmm.  I'm not using Gnome, but would like to see this critter.  I know;
curiousity and cats, blah blah blah...  Could someone attach this png to
a mail and send it to me please?  It would save me the trouble of an
install-grab-uninstall procedure, and thereby save a bunch of web band-
width :)


Mike Pfleger

There's seventy brilliant people on earth.
Where are they hiding?
"Yashar" -Cabaret Voltaire (off of "2x45")

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