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Re: Can't post to newsgroups . . . at wits end!

On Thu, 09 Aug 2001 21:18:00 GMT, in linux.debian.user you wrote:

>Talk about your Catch-22's!!
>I'm at my brother's housesitting for him.  He's got 6 computers sharing an
>@home cable account via a pre-potato firewall/router.  I brought my laptop
>(yellowdog) to do work, and can surf, send and receive email, and receive
>news postings.  But I cannot post myself  I get
>"Error 440:  Posting Not Allowed."
>I figure it has something to do with his firewall.  Any idea?

Are you using the @home newsswerver(a), or the one on your brother's

If A:
	Possibly an ISP problem, try from one of the boxes on the 
	network (assumably *he* can use Usenet)

If B:
	He has configured his servers not to let anyone outside his 
	local network post to the server, for Sensible and Correct 
	reasons. Since your laptop isn't on the list of Allowed 
	People, you can't post.


Yours In Total Sincerity

       Aquarion/Nick Avenell


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