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Re: stable LyX to testing LyX

* David Kilgour <towser1@xtra.co.nz> [010812 23:52]:
> I would like to change from potato stable lyx to testing lyx. How to do?
> Do I change apt sources list adding testing just to get this package
> then change back to the old woody list?

For only one package i wouldn't change sources.list but simply download
the package (i.E. via http://packages.debian.org/unstable/text/lyx and
choosing an appropriate mirror). But lyx in sid (unstable) depends on a 
newer Version of libc6 (2.2.3 in sid vs. 2.1.3 in potato). This might
cause a lot of updates so you'd end up in a quite 'sid'ded system. I
would prefer compiling from source (either via 'apt-get source', or - as
I did - from the original source to /usr/local[1]), which went very 
smooth for me. You may need some lib[Something]-dev packages although as
well as the usual compilers, autotools etc. If you already have
installed development tools compiling from source might be the easier
way but YMMV.



[1] I recommend GNU stow for this!
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