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Re: Kernel panic, system crash, 01 01 01: help

* schuetz@mind.net <schuetz@mind.net> spake thus:
> Yesterday while browsing the ftp.xfree86.org via lynx, via a dialup connection, 
> my terminal suddenly started spouting warnings. I wasn't able to capture them, 
> but one said, "Unable to mount fs, unable to mount hdb".
> The other virtual terminal (F1) was logged on as root, and moments later it got 
> hit the same way.
> I'm running Potato 2.something on hdb

Not anymore I'm afraid -- sounds to me like your hd has performed harakiri.

> on dual boot system with win98 on hda.  So. I rebooted, and the system can't
> even make it to LILO...I get the dreaded 01 01 01 01...thing.
> The startup floppy made it to a point, and then echoed "Kernel panic: unable to 
> mount root file system".
> Other conditions: it was 100 degrees in the shade yesterday, and we do not have 
> air conditioning. Could that be a factor?

Very possible; in that heat I would take drastic measures as well.

> I'm interested in any advice re. etiology and solutions. Have not tried 
> reinstalling yet. 

I believe you will find that your hd has 'gone fishing', if you catch my drift.


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