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Re: usb logitech wheel/optical mouse

>>>>> "Wi" == William Leese <William.Leese@nl.danzas.com> writes:

  Wi> I'm trying to get a logitech usb mouse to work, without much luck.

Hello, I just bought a Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical mice (it has a
wheel too) two weeks ago, I use it thru the USB port.

  Wi> In modconf I've loaded the modules: usbcore, usbmouse.

I have the following USB options compiled into my kernel:

| # USB support

(I have a USB keyboard too..)

After that I had to create the USB mouse device in /dev/... manually.
It was something like this:

| # cd /dev
| # mkdir input
| # cd input
| # mknod mice usbmouse 13 63  <---!!!!!! [1]
| # ls -l
| /dev/input $ls -l
| total 0
| crw-r--r--    1 root     root      13,  63 Jul 26 11:45 mice

[1] I'm not sure about that line, just make sure at the end your
'/dev/input/mice' or '/dev/usbmouse' looks like as mine... ;-) I had
found the right line with groups.google.com IIRC.  Hmm or did I use
MAKEDEV instead mknod?  Sorry I can't remember.

After that I edited my XF86Config-4, so my InputDevice section became:

| Section "InputDevice"
|         Identifier      "Logitech MouseMan Cordless Optical"
|         Driver          "mouse"
|         Option          "CorePointer"
|         Option          "Device"                "/dev/input/mice"
|         Option          "Protocol"              "ImPS/2"
|         Option          "Buttons"               "4"
|         Option          "ZAxisMapping"          "4 5"
| EndSection

My mice has four buttons (3 + the wheel), thats why the "Buttons" "4" is

According to the (imwheel's) docs, the ZAxisMapping option for me should
be "5 6" because it should be something like "Buttons+1 Buttons+2" (yes,
steer up and steer down are just +2 buttons for X).  Then you might ask,
why do I have "4 5" in my XF86Config-4?  Hmm good question, I'm just
lazy but it *works* (all the four buttons + the wheel) and I know it
might be a potential error in the future. (?)

After that do "apt-get install imwheel", restart your X session and be
happy! :-) (I advise you to read imwheel's documentation, with that
program you can modify your wheel's behaviour in a very flexible way.)

XEmacs /Emacs(?)/ users should put 

| (require 'mwheel)
| (mwheel-install)

into their ~/.XEmacs/init.el (or .emacs) to make their wheels work
(under X).

On console I haven't made my mice work yet, I would be happy to see a
nice/detailed post about it. :-)

  Wi> Anything I've missed or done wrong?


PS: rant against Logitech: they put the mice's User Guide on the CD in a
.exe form, there is no .pdf or a .doc (*cough*) just a setup.exe, so I
still haven't seen my mice's Users Guide (WINE stops with a weird
error), that's plain silly.

                       Emacs: impress your (remaining) friends and neighbors.

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