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Re: I'm new to Debian and need advice

At 2001-08-09T00:48:26Z, David Witbrodt <dawitbro@alpha.delta.edu> writes:

> It looks like most people are running the "testing" version even though it
> might crash more, right?

I can't speak for most people, but I personally enjoy testing.  It's not
quite as stable as, well, stable, but I rarely encounter any significant
errors.  The benefit is that you get much newer versions of many of the

> If you had to pick a new sound card, which would you pick?

I've had great luck with Ensoniq PCI (ES1371 chipset) cards.  They're very
basic, but sound good and are well-supported by pretty much every OS in

> If you had to pick a new modem, which would you pick?

I have a Diamond Multimedia (was "Supra" when I bought it - before DiamondMM
bought Supra) SupraExpress 56e external.  It's truly an outstanding
performer.  Along those lines, pretty much all external modems will work
without any special effort.
Kirk Strauser

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