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Re: Imation LS-120 (Solved!)

> If you have the 2.4.x kernel (I'm not sure x>what, but I use the
> lastest one, 7.) there is support for Mass Storage Devices under USB.
> You need to have scsi emulation, and scsi disk support for it.  But
> you might already know this.
> I just mount it under /floppy.  Here is my fstab line:
> /dev/sda	/floppy		hfs	defaults,user,noauto,nosuid,noexec,nodev	0	0
> I use hfs, since I use it to move big files from my Mac side to my
> Linux side.  (I run a mac).  hfsplus's hpcopy tends to puke on big
> files...
> Anyways, good luck.
> Marshal

Thanks!  That did it.
Take care,

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