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Re: mutt "mail-followup-to" question (was: Re: OT: mysql front end?)

On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 08:17:21PM -0500, Matthew Garman wrote:
> I have both "set followup_to" enabled (true) in my ~/.muttrc, as well as a
> line that says "lists debian-user" (which means the same thing as
> "subscribe debian-user").

No, it doesn't.  "lists" means "this is a list which I may or may not
be subscribed to, so add me to mail-followup-to".  "subscribe" means
"this is a list I am subscribed to, so don't add me to mail-followup-to".
They also produce different results in the message listing under the
default settings (lists shows the sender's name, subscribe shows "To

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