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Re: please read: very odd network traffic

Saw something similiar in a FreeBSD box once.  It was a trojan ftp
daemon that started off some obscure user like sysgetty or some other
"official" looking name.  The RAID had 36 gigs of mp3s and porn.

You might want to backup your data and reinstall if no-one has a more
knowledgable answer.

In the meantime there's no need to disconnect from the net.  Just have a
rolling kill command that kills ftpd every second. I don't have shell
skills yet but in dos it would be 2 files killa.bat and killb.bat

killa.bat says killall ftpd and call killb.bat and killb does the same
in reverse.

I know someone must have a neat shell script that does this?

Patrick "No sig in my .sig" Kirk

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