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Re: easy twm question


Thanks for the tips, but it's not the root menu or window minimize that is
the problem. Those I can do. It is the raise-lower-kill-whatever menu that
is supposed to pop up somehow off the titlebar of each individual window
that I can't find. Having the icon manager as a second method of minimizing
and restoring windows doesn't seem to help.

With twm I can activate the desktop menu, launch, minimize, and restore.
What I can't seem to do is to close (kill) any windows I launch! How do I
scrape all these minimized twm xterm windows off my desktop?

And, no smart remarks that killing X would do it!



P.S. Nice online resume.

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First, it's easy to test a window manager within another graphical
environment by launching Xnest:

    $ Xnest :1 &
    $ twm -display :1 &

The default Debian twm configuration binds the root window menu to left
mouse.  "Show Icon Manager" will show the icon manager.

I like to add the following to my twmrc:

    IconifyByUnmapping # don't show windowicons, just use icon manager.
    RandomPlacement # opening windows isn't a drag.
    ShowIconManager # show icon manager at startup.

To minimize a window, click the "circle in a square" icon, usually at
top left of a window.

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