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Re: Setting up my own apt sources

> > How does one go about
> > organising a server so it can be an apt source?
> Depends on what exactly you want to do.  If you want to host a mirror
> of the latest versions of your packages (or a full mirror of debian),
> take a look at the apt-move package.  It looks like it should do a
> pretty good job of that.

Yes sir, that will do nicely, thanks for the pointer.

It seems that apt-move only works on the actual machine where you want to
run the mirror:  there does not seem to be a way to point the local
directory to a third machine.  So, for my centralised Debian package
archive, it looks like I should rsync the /var/cache/apt/archives
direcories of any machines I set up to the correspondig directory on my
local mirror machine, and run apt-move on that one machine.

Does that sound like a reasonable way to go about things?

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