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Debian keeps hanging!

My Debian testing install keeps locking up solid under X and it's
driving me crazy. At apparantly random intervals - sometimes hours,
sometimes minutes - the entire machine just comes to a screeching halt.
Not even Magic SysRq can persuade it to do anything afterwards. I'm
getting real tired of fsck bootups...

I used to have a problem with the Xserver dying at random on my Xinerama
setup, but pulling the second graphics card (an S3) fixed that. Now I
just get this hanging.

Pertinent statistics:
- recently 'apt-get dist-upgrade'd testing distribution, with the normal
  X 4.0.3
- custom compiled 2.4.7 kernel (system has been unstable with 2.4.1
  onwards, although I think it might be getting worse)
- Gnome 1.4 (tried both Ximian and Debian builds)
- also seen instability under KDE
- nothing at all useful goes to /var/log/syslog before the hang
- Previous installs of Redhat 7 and Win2k on the same hardware don't
  seem to be affected
- more system specs are available at 

What I've tried:
- backing off my previously overclocked CPU to default speed and voltage
- checked cooling (four system fans, I think it's OK)
- changed from nVidia drivers to the default Xfree nv driver for my
  Geforce 256
- running the SuSE memtest-86 ram tester on my memory (it checked OK)

Please, can anyone with any thoughts at all, no matter how tenuous, help
me out here. I don't even know where to look for more problems right

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