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kernel compile problem

I was going to re-compile my kernel today to get rid of some of
the things I don't need but when I got to the network card
driver modules, mine was greyed out (Realtec 8139). This is on
the 2.2.19pre17 kernel. I then went to the 2.2.19 kernel which
offered two drivers (rtl8139 and 8139too), but again both were
greyed out. What do I need to activate in an earlier screen to
make these drivers available to me. Networking support is
activated as is module support. Both kernels came from debian. I
haven't tried one from www.kernel.org yet. Also which one of
these kernels is the latest version? I'm not at my debian
workstation or I would look at the readme.


Jay Latham

Driving while talking on a cell phone is like multi-tasking
in Windows...Sooner or later your going to crash!

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