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Re: A good list of what Debian installs and what it doesn't


On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Neil Gibbs wrote:

> Hey all, a Newbie here.  Love Debian, but I noticed
> some things were not installed by default using the
> "simple" package install.  On debian.org, some mention
> is made of this fact, but no detailed list of what is
> and isn't.  For instance, telnetd and ftpd were
> nonexistent after install (I know, I know, I'm trying
> to install SSH as we speak).  Anyone know of a good
> place to find a list of what Potato leaves out?
Depends on what you consider a default installation. Usually you use only
a fraction of the over 4000 available packages. To see what is installed:
$ dpkg --get-selections

Installing for new stuff is simple:
$ apt-cache search ftpd
atftpd - Advanced TFTP server.
bsd-ftpd - Port of the OpenBSD FTP server
ftpd - FTP server
kwuftpd - wu-ftpd configuration tool
lukemftpd - The enhanced ftp daemon from NetBSD.
muddleftpd - A flexible and efficient FTP daemon
oftpd - A secure anonymous FTP server

# apt-get install ftpd

It is that simple.


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