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Re: Help with ip-spoof protection in Debian

On Sun, Aug 05, 2001 at 07:36:37PM +0100, root wrote:
> That is a useful tip which in the year since I last logged into a box as
> root I had forgotten.
> But dpkg-reconfigure is not available.  Maybe its a slink thing?
> debian:~# dpkg-
> dpkg-architecture       dpkg-gencontrol         dpkg-scanpackages.dpkg
> dpkg-buildpackage       dpkg-name               dpkg-scansources
> dpkg-deb                dpkg-parsechangelog     dpkg-shlibdeps
> dpkg-distaddfile        dpkg-preconfigure       dpkg-source
> dpkg-divert             dpkg-reconfigure        dpkg-split

> dpkg-genchanges         dpkg-scanpackages
> debian:~# dpkg-

BTW, your mailer does not honor my Mail-Followup-To: header; I don't
need or appreciate Cc:s on list mails.


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