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Help with ip-spoof protection in Debian

Hi all,

About 18 months ago, I installed a firewall for a friend with wireless DSL.
Very simple setup
using slink and ipfwadm on an ancient PC.  Shortly afterwards, he employed a
Mac user who for
a variety of reasons was given a dedicated ethernet card on the fireawall.
For all their reputation as user friendly little boxes, Macs are a pain to
set up in a mixed environment.  Couldn't find a CLI.

Final setup was eth0 212.19.66.xxx, eth1 eth2

He asked me to update it yesterday.  I hadn't the heart to tell him Code Red
only hits NT so did my apt-get dist-upgrade with the same kernel.  Worked
until I forgot about that blasted Mac and its seperate card.

apt-get dist-upgrade asks questions about ip addresses to set-up ip
spoofing.  I only entered and hit return.  My concern is that if
the machine is rebooted 23 angry users will call me.

What is the name if the config program that runs to set up IP spoofing

Thanks in advance!
Patrick Kirk
GSM: +44 7876 560 646
ICQ: 42219699

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