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Error message starting Appletalk - can't find in docs

I just noticed this happening recently, on machine running Woody
with 2.4.3 kernel.

admin@tarot:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/netatalk start
Starting AppleTalk Daemons (this will take a while): atalkdnbp_rgstr: Connection timed out
Can't register tarot:Workstation@*
nbp_rgstr: Connection timed out
Can't register tarot:netatalk@*
 afpd papd.

It's running fine on my Sid machine, the last time I had the mac booted.
Configuration files still look okay.


I will be switching my email addresses from @ferret.dyndns.org to
@mail.aom.geek on or after September 1, 2001, but not until after
Debian's servers include support. 'geek' is an OpenNIC TLD. See
http://www.opennic.unrated.net for details about adding OpenNIC
support to your computer, or ask your provider to add support to
their name servers.

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