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Re: X fonts since upgrade?

Nuhn Yobiznez wrote:
> Sorry Mike,
>     It seems that yahoomail (which now owns
> rocketmail) was a bit slow last night and I didn't
> receive either your off-list post or the one to lists
> 'til this morning when I didn't have time to reply.
> Thanks again for going the extra mile to see that I
> received your info!

No problem.

>     I am only running into 1 snag so far. I have a
> Matrox G400 (dual head only) and looking for the
> HALlib.a in
> /X11/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/mga/HALlib
> as per Matrox's directions in the source they provide
> for the XF4.0.2-3 I come up missing. 

As I understand it, I think Matrox hasn't yet released a mga_hal for
4.1.0. I could be wrong about that though. I recommend checking out the
xpert and dri-users mailing lists for more information.

>     As I occasionally run dual head, I might need this
> for "complete satisfaction". I have heard from an
> extended member of my LUG (who crunches code w/
> Matrox) said that there is a DRM offshoot on
> sourceforge (I think that was your link wasn't it?)
> that I might need.

My link was actually just pointing to one of the xfree86 mailing lists.
I think this is the site you are looking for:


>     But now I'm doing a source build just for the
> mga_drv.o and the mga_hal_drv.o to use. We'll see if
> it works but my stalling point at the moment is the
> HALlib.a

Found this email that may explain a few things:

I'm currently running without mga_hal for now...

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