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RE: Network Drivers

> Nope, not eepro, eepro100.

guessed it might be that :-(

> Write back when you've tried to load that one.

I don't have a copy (I assume I'd need eepro100.o?)

> Sometimes, you need to load the pci-scan module first.
> I've got one here built for 2.2.15; I guess it will work on 2.2.19:
> ftp://ftp.mindspring.com/users/keithmur/pci-scan.o

Cheers, that installed fine.

> For further reference, see:
> http://www.scyld.com/network/eepro100.html

Great link, thanks.

> (I had a Linksys card (tulip driver) that wouldn't work
> without pci-scan
> under 2.2.15.  I happened to build the tulip driver into my 2.2.19
> kernel, and it didn't need pci-scan after that.  Whether this
> is because
> the tulip driver was updated under 2.2.19, because I'm not using tulip
> as a separate module anymore, or some other reason, I don't know).

I suppose the big question is 'Can anyone compile the eepro100.o for

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