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Re: How to startx as normal user?

begin /etc/X11/Xserver 


The first line in this file is the full pathname of the default X server.
The second line shows who is allowed to run the X server:
Console      (anyone whose controlling tty is on the console)


I've never used 'locate'; I've always used 'find'. 'locatedb' was already
up to date. It must be running 'updatedb' whenever all the mounted HDDs are
being intensively read for no apparent reason.

d wrote:
> I feel sure you are aware of this, run " updatedb " (without quotes of
> course), this may take a few minutes.  Then run " locate [name of file you
> are looking for] " (again/wo q c) and if it is there you will see it as a
> file/w path.  When using " cd " do not include the file name you are
> looking for, that makes it an invalid directory, wait until you are within
> the proper directory then use " cat " or what ever you want to view what is
> within the file.
> That is the extent of my knowledge of LINUX/UNIX systems.
> TIA,
> d
> Don Hodges
> San Antonio, Texas
> At 03:15 AM 8/2/01, you wrote:
> >In /etc/, 'ls X*' lists xserver, a directory, and Xserver, a regular file. 'ls
> >x*' yields 'ls: x*: No such file or directory' although there are several
> >files
> >starting with a lowercase x (???). I tried 'less' on Xserver, to look at
> >it, but
> >it says 'Xserver: No such file or directory' (???). I tried to cd into
> >xserver,
> >but it says '/etc/xserver: No such file or directory' (???). Both files have
> >read permissions set for owner, group, and other users, and I was logged in as
> >root. I don't understand what's going on.
> >
> >
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