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Re: Linux in the workplace: NT Domains

IME, you can't sit around the office reading books.  People complain.  Some
even risk saying that you don't have enough to do.  Others mutter that if
you have time to read books, perhaps teh company doesn't need you at all.
Secretaries gossip about people being fired "pour encourager les autres."

No, the sad truth is that if you put a book on the company credit card, you
have to take it home with you.

And when the dark day comes where a black bin bag on your desk when you
arrive at the office, IME getting your expenses payed is way more important
than dashing home to see if there's a book the ingrates want returned.

IME, its a cruel world out there where people don't have .edu in their email
addreses ;-)

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| * Patrick Kirk (patrick@kirks.net) spake thusly:
| > Hmmm!  Isn't the whole point of working for someone else to get them to
| > these essential books for you before you set off as a fabulously
| > contractor?
| IME you don't get to keep the books your employer's paid for. Which kinda
| defeats the purpose -- unless you have retentive photographic memory, of
| course.
| > Next thing you'll be worrying about whether training courses
| > are value for money ;-)
| Nonono. With courses, you get to keep the letters (you know, the ones
| that get added after your surname), so that's different.
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