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Re: Deb-Newby: Read HOWTO's?

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, d wrote:

> LURKER here again, what is used to read the HOWTO files?  All of the ones I 
> have on my system are ******.gz, I know that means compressed.  What to use 
> to uncompress?  When I used to work on UNIX systems you used a command 
> called "compress" with different switches to do that or to uncompress.

I see nobody on this thread has mentioned most, the pager written by John
Davis. Some may know him as the author of slrn. It has some quite nice
features, including the ability to have multiple windows open at once,
useful if you want to view different parts of a large file at the same
time. (It uses pretty much the standard emacs keystrokes for this, so if
you are an emacs user you would feel quite comfortable). It probably has
other good things going for it that I am not aware of. :-)

                                  Best, Faheem Mitha.

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