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Re: reiserfs & mount

Karsten M. Self saw fit to inform me that: 
>on Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 11:59:02PM +0000, Rajesh Fowkar (hsejar@gmx.co.uk) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A few days back I had downloaded the latest versions of linux-util and e2fsprogs
>> since I converted my ext2 partition to ext3.
>> Now I have a free 1 GB partition /dev/hda9. I wanted to try out reiserfs on it.
>> So I created reiserfs partition (mkreiserfs). Everything fine till here. Now
>> surprise. If I put the following in /etc/fstab :
>> /dev/hda9      /mnt/hda9       reiserfs defaults,errors=remount-ro       0       1
>What happens if you remove all the options after 'defaults'?  I believe
>'errors' is just an ext2fs filesystem option.  Though my 'mount' manpage
>doesn't have any reiser info in it.

Thats correct Karsten. I had just done copy and paste in my /etc/fstab and as a
result errors=remount-ro also remained and I missed out on that. After removing
that option now it works fine.

I also had a look at man mount and could not find any mention of reiserfs in it
:-) But it works fine.

Thanks for the help.

Warm Regards

Rajesh Fowkar                       hsejar@gmx.co.uk
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