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Re: BTTV on Debian and Kernel 2.4.7

--- Thomas Hood <jdthoodREMOVETHIS@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Herbert Pirke wrote:
> > Under SUSE-Linux I had my TV-Card (Terratec TV+)
> By the way, do you recommend this TV card?  Or what
> card would you recommend?  I'm looking for one.
> Please cc: jdthood_AT_yahoo.co.uk (with '_AT_' ->
> '@')
> --
> Thomas Hood

It's certainly not the worst card on the market. Works
fine under Linux and with MoreTV you get all the
pay-TV for free.

However, as usual, I would recommend to stick to the
most common hardware, which in this case is the
Haupauge cards. They are somewhat the soundblasters of
the TV-cards. They also come with a remote control,
which is always quite handy.

There is one Haupauge out that has attracted my
attention recently. It has an integrated MPEG2
encoding chip that allows you to record TV-shows in
MPEG2. Sounds promising...


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