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Re: BTTV on Debian and Kernel 2.4.7

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Thomas Hood wrote:

TH> By the way, do you recommend this TV card?  Or what
TH> card would you recommend?  I'm looking for one.

though bt878 is one of the few tv card chipsets supported in linux, i wouldn't
recommend it if you have VIA chipset on your motherboard, it BT has some
problems with it, if you have mb with intel chipset you shouldn't have any

one of the via/bttv problems i have noticed was that when alot of data is
transferred while watching tv, the machine would freeze up. Good example would
be trying to decompress large archive or copy files.

if i was shopping for a new tv card, i would look for one that has its own
overlay memory and doesn't use pci bus to pump the data into the video card it
self, you will save alot of pci bus bandwidth and they will work with almost 
any video card.

those cards usually doesn't have minimum cpu requirement on the box, since they
doesn't require fast enough bus to pump the video data thru. also they usually
have monitor-out connector on the tv card it self and the box will mention that
video card <-> tv card interface cable is included or something in that sense :)

another choice would probably be one of the video/tv card combos, but make sure
that they have some kind of linux support.

I gave up on trying to make my bt878 work with my linux machine, and grabbed
old p100 stuck old 1gb drive in it and installed bare windows 98 + tv
drivers/software, this way i can still do things on my linux machine and watch
tv at the same time :) i like it much better that way :)



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