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Re: NIS / NIS+ / NYS ???

> How can I get all my linux machines to "log into" one linux box ?
> like you can with NT - get all the workstations to log into one
> server etc ?

You found it out by yourself. Runs NIS. :)

> Have read of a little bit on NIS, NYS etc. Is this equivalent to what
> NT offers ? Is there something else that may be better or easier to
> configure ?

Better, I don't know. Easier to configure, probably not.

> Any advice / pointers appreciated.

Follow the howto's. In Debian there're a couple of things that behave
differently, but no big deal. I run NIS here at the ISP, no problem.

By the way, NIS will let you log on like on NT, but will not solve you
the problem of having a network filesystem so you can have the same
environment everywere. You'll have to:

a) Replicate the /home/user contents upon login (very bad!)

b) Export /home under some kind of networked file system.

I've done it with NFS, and I haven't had time to try other things like
Coda, but I really want to.

Good luck ....

Jordi S. Bunster

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