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upgrade to testing now ppp not working

Has anyone else had a problem with ppp dial up after upgrading to testing?
Everything was working fine, now when I use 'PON', the system dialls and connects fine but then there is no more activity (send or receive).
I have used pppconfig to make sure the settings haven't changed. I was using static DNS with Worldonline. The 2 DNS server address's are in the file /etc/resolv.conf  and also in /etc/ppp/resolv.conf for good measure :)
I also tried changing to dynamic DNS but this did not work too.
I tried pinging the dns servers but I get no response and no send or receive activity.
I tried 'plog' and no file exists.
I tried /var/log/ppp-connect-errors  and it was empty
I looked in the archives and someone mentioned the wrong default gateway but I couldnt find anymore detail.
I am running out of ideas any help please guys ?

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