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Re: exim won't relay mail : FIXED

In article <20010731200552.A497@hudson>, dman  <dsh8290@rit.edu> wrote:
>I added
>    dman: dsh8290@rit.edu
>to /etc/email-addresses and now the envelope-from is valid (for me
>anyways).  I would need to add a similar line for all other users on
>my system, if they were to send emails.

I always recommend people running their own mail system on their
own servers to get their own domain, or subdomain. When I was at
school they created a 'students' subdomain in which anyone could
get a DNS record - ask the people at rit.edu if they can do that
for you, hudson.rit.edu or hudson.students.rit.edu. Ofcourse then
you need to do something with that domain - set the primary MX
to your box if you have a permanent connection and a static IP
address, or put all mail for the domain in a POP3 mailbox that
you can collect using fetchmail, or use UUCP (old but perfectly
suited to these kinds of situations).

"dselect has a user interface which scares small children"
	-- Theodore Tso, on debian-devel

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