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Re: dselect is a liar

Colin Watson wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 06:45:38PM +1000, Bruce@plato.debian.org wrote:
> > after a fresh update each time, dselect is adamant that lyx is current at 
> > version 1.1.4-3 which is older than the current stable version...
> > 
> > http://packages.debian.org/stable/text/lyx.htm advertises version 1.1.4-7
> > http://packages.debian.org/unstable/text/lyx.htm advertises 1.1.6fix3-1
> > 
> > I'm confused!
> > Might this have something to do with either my architecture (powerpc)
> > or my isp?
> At the moment, packages.debian.org quotes versions for i386 only. Here's
> some more accurate information:
> [cjwatson@auric ~]$ madison lyx
>        lyx |    1.1.4-3 |        stable | powerpc
>        lyx |    1.1.4-7 |        stable | source, alpha, i386, m68k

> So lyx is indeed out of date on powerpc, probably because it's in the
> contrib section and the autobuilders don't always keep religiously up to
> date with that.

As a maintainer of several contrib packages that depend on XForms, I can
say that autobuilders _don't_ process contrib at all.  I've had to ask
admins to temporarily install libforms-dev so that I could build the
packages on non-i386 arches; some of them don't want to.  I've had to file
many bugs against ftp.debian.org to get old versions of non-i386 binary
packages deleted from the archive to let packages migrate to testing.  It a
big pain.  Maintaining a contrib package is more work than maintaining a
non-free one!  I don't recommend it.

Hopefully, this will end soon.  XForms is _supposed_ to become free very
soon.  Then lyx will be in main too, and powerpc will be uptodate.


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