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Re: stalling ppp

On Tuesday 31 July 2001 23:53, James Preston wrote:
> Hi,
> Slaven Peles <umpeless@cc.umanitoba.ca> wrote:
> > It seems like windoze somehow reinitiates data transfer
> > when flow control fails, while ppp (or modem, or whatever is
> > responsible for the flow control) under linux does nothing and the
> > transfer simply stalls.
> Have a look at the "novj" option for pppd - it fixed my stall
> problems.  Apparently some PPP servers don't opperate to spec as far as
> header compression is concerned.  Another problem is how long your
> modem will remain off-hook while carrier not detected (eg. house-mate
> picks up the phone). Bumping up that value can stop premature
> hang-ups.
> James.

Actually, I put nobsdcomp and nodeflate, as John Hasler suggested, and now 
everything works very well. Right now I'm doing lots of downloads just to 
make sure this was really *the* fix. It seems that it wasn't enough to 
specify hardware flow control only; I had to explicitly forbid any software 
flow control in my case. 

Thanks for the help,

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