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Re: Slicing a big file; putting it back together

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:

> I need to send a big exe windows file, but the size is getting to be a
> problem. So I need to slice it and send the pieces separate. What is the
> best method?
Use dd:
dd if=source of=dest.01 bs=1M count=1 skip=0
dd if=source of=dest.02 bs=1M count=1 skip=1
dd if=source of=dest.03 bs=1M count=1 skip=2
dd if=source of=dest.04 bs=1M count=1 skip=3

this will split the files up in pieces of 1 Meg. For putting them
cat dest.01 dest.02 dest.03 ... > dest.exe

If it needs to be done under windoze, open a command prompt and do
something like:
COPY /B dest.01+dest.02+dest.03 dest.exe 


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