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RE: Network Drivers

> I'm rather new to using Linux, in fact, I'm trying to do my 
> first install.
> I'm stuck as far as installing the network card(s) goes.  My 
> machine has two
> Dell network cards in.  I am booting using rescue.bin and root.bin
> downloaded yesterday, and intend to do an install across the 
> 'net through
> the network here.  The network properties are set correctly.
> The cards have a chip with 82559 on it, which I believe is a 
> re-branded
> Intel chip.  I have downloaded all the linux drivers for this 
> chipset from
> http://www.intel.com and copied them to FDD.  The files are 
> .tar.gz which I
> think is a compressed file format which (luckily) WinZip opens.  The
> contents are .c files amongst others which must be the source for the
> drivers.
> I have tried "preload modules from floppy" with the files in the root
> directory and the /boot dir on the FD.  I have also tried 
> driver-1.bin which
> failed.  I also tried "Configure Device Driver Modules" with 
> the files in
> the root dir and /lib/modules/2.2.19pre17-idepci.  What am I 
> doing wrong?  I
> assume I shouldn't need to uncompress the files to the FD as 
> they total some
> 5.4Mb!
> Any help is greatly appreciated, TIA.

OK, I've managed to get the default drivers installed (driver-1.bin), but
there is no 82559 driver :-(  I've tried most of the drivers (until the
NE2000 one crashed the thing).  Any ideas how I get this going?  I've tried
to burn the debian ISO with fireburner and Nero ... both failed.  I've
exctracted the ISO and burned it with Nero, but I can't find a way to get
the drivers off it (provided they're there).  TIA


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