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Re: xdm & login problems



When xdm exits straight back to the login prompt again, it
usually indicate a problem with the configuration scripts
and/or your window manager.

One rough fumble-blindly solution would be to reinstall xdm and your
window manager (perhaps with a purge'd remove first) and you'll likely
get back to a working state.  Not ideal.

Other things to check for (I'm not the xdm package manager obviously,
to YMMV):

  - check the permission of the files run by xdm, especially those
    in your home director: eg. .xinitrc, .xsession (either/both)

  - check the .xinit.err file (if any)

  - make sure you can run your wm (eg. just run "fvwm" from the
    command line and you should get "unable to open display" and
    no some link error)

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 01:01:52AM -0700, Debian GNU wrote:
> > Andy Saxena writes:
> > X servers is
> >  initialised (it seems like that) and the
> > login/password screen
> >  reappears :(
> > 
> >  AUDIT: Tue Jul 31 10:28:47 2001: 2324 X: client 3
> > rejected from local host
> >    Auth name: XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 ID: -1
> >  Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
> >  Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
> >  xmodmap:  unable to open display ':0'
> >  (--) SVGA: Read OPTION 0x40079121
> >  xdm error (pid 2371): fatal IO error 32 (Broken
> > pipe)

This specific error say that the X client library (Xlib) wasn't able to
connect to the server.  This shouldn't happen with xdm as it should set
up the .Xauthority file for you (the Xstartup script).  You could
perhaps remove the ~/.Xauthority file and restart xdm (ie.
ctrl-alt-backspace):  perhaps the file can't be written to. (??)

The fact the xmodmap is also running (and failing) says that your
start-up script is probably okay.

Hope some of the above leads you to a solution,


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