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Re: Wake on LAN question

On Mon Jul 30 07:24:38 2001, kerrr@et.byu.edu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am setting up a machine to do firewalling/IP masquerading.  I'd like to
> be able to leave this machine on all the time, but perhaps in a
> powered-down mode, so it's not using as much electricity, and not so noisy
> at night.  I envision it in standby or suspend mode, but waking up
> whenever someone on my internal LAN wants to access the internet.
> 1)  Is this possible?
> 2)  What would be the steps to go about setting linux up for wake-on-lan
> access?

1. Get the right combination of hardware. You need a NIC that can do it,
   a motherboard/power-supply that can do it, and a wire from a couple of pins
   on the NIC to a couple of pins on the motherboard.
2. Get a driver that supports it.
3. Enable WoL support in the driver
4. Shut down the machine softly enough
5. Get a program that can send the magic ethernet frames to trigger WoL

In my case, the things are
1. 3Com 3c905C Tornado
2. standard 3c59x.o
3. options 3c59x enable_wol=1
4. APM enabled, so 'shutdown -h now' shuts down properly
5. etherwake.c by Donald Becker

'etherwake' needs to be run explicitly, as root - thus, I only answered part
of your question. I imagine doing WoL automagically would be difficult.
Still, WoL is a nifty thing, even if you have to do it manually.


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