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Re: exim won't relay mail

On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 06:18:00AM -0700, Cam Ellison wrote:
| * dman (dsh8290@rit.edu) wrote:
| > 
| > I setup exim on my system this weekend, but it's not working quite
| > right.  I had a school assignment to create a simple smtp client so I
| > setup exim so I could test it without blocking the phone line.  exim
| > delivers locally just fine.  However, it won't send any mail to other
| > domains.  I have it configured as a "smarthost" and I can send
| > messages using the remote server via telnet.  exim's log seems to
| > indicate that it thinks it delivered the message, but messages aren't
| > getting out.
| > 
| > A section from my /etc/exim/exim.conf  (let me know if you want to see
| > more :-)) ;
| > 
| > smarthost:
| >   driver = domainlist
| >   transport = remote_smtp
| >   route_list = * mail.rit.edu bydns_a
| I think you will find this works better if you replace "bydns_a"
| with "byname", unless you are running your own dns server.  I think

I'll try that.  eximconfig put that there.

| you need to put the whole thing in quotes, as well, i.e.:
|     route_list = "* mail.rit.edu byname"

eximconfig had it in quotes, but the example in the spec.txt.gz file
didn't, so I tried it that way too.

Thanks for the response!  I'll see if it helps when I get back to that


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