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Re: How toinstall Linux source ??

on Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 08:40:37PM +0000, Giri X (girix77@hotmail.com) wrote:
> hi
> I recently installed Debian GNu/Linux on my system. I used the Debian CDs to 
> do that. After the installayion I found that the /src/linux directory is not 

/usr/src exists.  'linux' is a symlink to the appropriate source

    $ apt-get install kernel-source-<version>

...untar the resulting file, and link to the version you want (if you
have multiple versions).

> there. I thought that I had to install the source separately and tried
> using dselect. I did find Linux source in the listing but there 4
> different packages with diff version numbers. Is this the right way of
> installing/downloading the source code??


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