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Re: Debian Install Problem

I'm installing from a Debian CD-ROM I got from ISO Image 1 [ver. 2.2r3]. I 
partition my hard disk, install the OS and Modules, then the drivers, and 
usually that goes fine [drivers sometimes fails], and then I choose to 
install the base system, and 4 years later [not really] it tells me that 
there was a problem installing the base system, and I see snipets of errors 
on the sides of the screen: "ut error", etc. If this doesn't happen, it just 
goes right back to the installation screen, with "Install the Base System" as 
my default option. If I try to go to Configure the Base System I get an error 
saying that I need to install it first. Every time I install the Base System 
it asks me if I want to overwrite the base system already written on the 
disk, so I know it was successful. I checked the surface of the disc numerous 
times, and it's just fine-- no scratches, fingerprints, etc. I even cleaned 
it, but it still does this.

-- Deven "WTF is wrong with this installer" Gallo

In a message dated 7/27/01 11:24:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
westk@nicanor.acu.edu writes:

<< My guess is that you're installing via floppies; this is a common error 
 with floppies. Reimage the affected floppy on a different floppy (I once 
 had to go through four floppies before getting a good image). Floppies 
 used during the base install have to be FLAWLESS. Even floppies that 
 seem to be perfectly good for other uses may fail.
 If you're not installing from floppies, let us know more details.
 Kent >>

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