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Re: help me!

On Fri, Jul 27, 2001 at 03:23:43AM +0000, Zenon Braga F. wrote:
| I'm trying with no sucess to download the CD's for powerpc, here
| what i'm doing:
| 	./make-pseudo-image binary-powerpc-1.list ftp://ftp.inf.ufpr.br/debian
| 	and what i'm getting:
| 	./make-pseudo-image: let: not found
| 	Generating file list...
| 	./make-pseudo-image: ncftp2: not found
| 	Processing: /README.non-US
| 	Getting...
| 	./make-pseudo-image: teste: argument expected

What system are you using make-psuedo-package on?

If you have an rsync client available, you can cheat and go directly
to the rsync server (ie without a close-but-not-quite iso already on

There are also pre-made CDs available for a few bucks from many sites.
If you want to pay for the discs and shipping I am willing to make
some for you.


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