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Re: Getting CPU model and speed without rebooting

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 04:37:08PM +1000, Ian Perry wrote:
| None of my machines give MHz... only bogomips
| Next Question.... What is a bogomip ???

bogus million instructions per second.  It is a way of estimating the
CPU speed.  See the FAQ on kernel.org for a more detailed explanation.
BogoMIPS were invented because not all CPUs report their speed, or
report it correctly.  I have an old i486 (25MHz) here and
/proc/cpuinfo doesn't know the name, vendor, model, or speed.  All it
knows is that it is in family 4 and has a bogomips value of 12.41 (and
that there is no FPU on it).

BogoMIPS is related to CPU speed, but it isn't a direct correleation
and is dependent on the CPU model.  (see the table in that FAQ)


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